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Confession Of A Female Teenager Part 2

I Still decide to call it LOVE, like the rest of my peers do. I chat with him for long hours and have a smile plastered to my face all through. I laugh out loud in between, and blush sometimes as well. These adults think I have a problem, but hey! the case is the same with many other teenagers like me. This is a proof that I am perfectly fine. In fact, any teenager that doesn't feel this way has a problem. Yes! a problem.
       Whenever I see him, I feel butterflies in my tummy. I really can't explain it. All I know is I just want to hold his hands, hug him tight, look into his eyes, hear him call my name, tell me sweet things and just be around him. Every time I get the chance to do these things, my heart gets to beat twice faster than normal, my legs become shaky, my palms sweaty and blushing comes so easy... Its a cool feeling, I must admit. Many nights, after a pleasurable day with him, all I do is lay down on my bed and smile at sweet memories. So much joy feels my heart. My friends admit to the same too. In fact, some of them have taken it up the notch by going into Kissing and  Caressing. They even say a better feeling is derived from these than mere holding of hands and hugging. Well, I couldn't have agreed to that, until I tried it too! And really! Its just the very best feeling you could ever have!
     Now I wonder why almost evey adult speak against these things. They give pleasure to us and make us happy. Without these things, expression of how we feel is almost impossible. They call it SATISFACTION OF FLESHY DESIRES. We call it EXPRESSION OF LOVE. The same way our parents will not understand, these Pastors and Seminarians too will not.
       Just when I decided to extend my newly found joy to the members of my family, they began to wonder what the source of my sudden joy and happiness was. It was just then the frustrations became more. They blamed my every mistake on my addiction to my phone so they seized it more often. They restricted my outings and did all sorts. Come to think of it, it wasn't really my phone I was addicted to, but the person that makes me use the phone- My Love. Now, my phone has been seized, and I can't reach him. One whole month! Isn't that just too cruel of my parents??? I think its just obvious now! They don't want me happy. Period!
      I miss him daily. My heart is with him. They say the feeling will pass, I say this feeling will never go away. I say I will love him forever. No matter what I will still love him. I'm sure he'll be missing me too. I'll get my phone back in a month and I'll reach out to my Love and tell him how much I miss him. I'm counting down to that beautiful day.
NB.. Part3 will reach you all by tomorrow. Thanks for reading through.
      Written by-
  Eniola Oluwatomisin Fakorede.


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