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I've spent a few years here on earth, and I have observed that everyone wants to be loved by someone. The love you show to yourself is not just enough. Even a toddler wants the love of those around him almost every time. We notice that when a child is ignored by those around him, he starts to cry or do disturbing things just to get the attention of those around him. Also, an aged mother wants the attention of her children. A wife craves for the love of her husband, and a young man find a woman he loves and starts planning marriage with her. Now just so we don't ignore a particular set of people, the TEENAGERS. We also crave for love and care and affection beyond that which our parents or siblings can give. It has also been observed that this kind if attention, adoration, admiration and affection can only come from the opposite sex. At one point in the life if a young boy or girl, he or she begins to get infuriated at every slightest thing and angry anytime he or she cannot have his or her way. But despite the mood swings and irritation towards parents, teachers and siblings, there is always that one person who just makes u smile. It feels like that is the only person that can understand you. You just love and enjoy that person's company and that happens to be all that matters to you. WE call it LOVE. They say its LUST or INFATUATION. If the only problem they had was the name it was called, I wouldn't have been bothered. But they say its dangerous and could lead to sin eventually. Parents, Seminarians, Teachers and even Pastors keep ringing it in our ears so loudly, as though they were aware of our "paroles" which we mentioned nothing to them about, especially our parents. Now I wonder, if this thing I feel is really wrong. How about every single student in my  class that feel the same way... could we all be wrong at the same time?? Now I get it! Our parents doesn't know how it feels. Probably these kind of feelings were not existing yet when they were teenagers. Or could it be that they don't just want me to be happy?  How can anyone say that these feelings are dangerous when it brings joy to my heart and pleasure to my soul?
    Whether or not my parents agree to this feeling I have for him, I won't give it up. I would be empty without this love. I would return to sadness and anger with no source of joy or laughter without my Love. He is the reason why I am happy. I CAN'T GIVE THIS UP.
                                            Written by- Eniola Oluwatomisin Fakorede.



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