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10 Practical Ways to Overcome Sexual Temptations

The purpose of this article is encourage anyone out there struggling with any form of Sexual sin or any form of addiction, I trust God that you'd find grace and be made free as you read this! 

I'm sure we all know what sexual sins are. In the New Testament, the word most often translated “sexual immorality” is porneia. This word is also translated as “whoredom,” “fornication,” and “idolatry.” It means “a surrendering of sexual purity”, and it is primarily used of premarital sexual relations.

Let me start by stating some facts about Sexual Temptations 

- It's a daily battle 

- Temptations will keep coming everyday so you've got to be prepared for it

- We can't overcome by our own power 

Sexual Sins 

- It's a sin against God's Temple 1Cor.6:19 

- It's a sin against your own body 1Cor.6:18

Now let's see some practical ways of overcoming sexual sins:-

1. It starts with God

A thriving and healthy relationship with God is the very first step. Having a personal relationship with God is the way to go.  Putting your trust and confidence in Jesus Christ. Without this in place, be sure that all your personal efforts will be fruitless and there'll be little or no success in your battle against sexual temptations. 

2. Submission 

Let God be in charge of your everyday life so you can honour him in what you look at and how you see the opposite sex. Lust is Satan's trap to rob you of God's perfect plan. 

3. Accountability

Be accountable to God. Take responsibility for your actions. You can also choose a trustworthy friend you can be accountable to. See Proverbs 27:17 and 1Cor. 13:33. Be wise with friends that don't share your spiritual goals. But don't act self-righteously - it's God who makes the difference!  

4. Priority 

Read and Follow God's word. Let his word affect and influence your thoughts and decisions. See psalms 119:9-11, Phil. 4:8. Spend quality time with God's word. Be consistent in the place of prayer. Go a step further by memorizing Bible verses to crowd out evil thoughts when you're tempted. 

5. Prevention 

Set boundaries. The best time to decide is not when confronted with a temptation. Decide beforehand what you'll do when temptation arises then act on the basis of the your decision. Don't compromise! 

6. Discipline 

Always remember that the goal of every Christian should be to be like Christ in every way. See Hebrews 12:1-2a, Titus 2:11-12. You're in a battle for your eyes and mind. Just like with sports, discipline is the key to your victory. Always ask yourself if you'll allow momentary pleasures and thrills rob you of God's best?  

7. Resistance 

Remember that God's part is to help while yours is to "Resist" temptations. See 1Peter 5:8-9. Be careful with your media intake - Music, Movies, websites, magazines e.t.c. carefully guard what enters your mind. 

8. Fleeing

Flee the tempting situation or atmosphere immediately. Learn from Joseph. See Genesis 39:7-10, 2Timothy. 2:22. God designed your desires to be fulfilled through pure relationships and not one-sided lust that messes with your mind. Fleeing means walking away from provocative movies, TV and magazines. It's choosing not to sit across from the girl in the bumper shorts or short skirt. Fleeing is doing the right thing rather than yielding to carnal desires. 

9. Learn to look away! 

Make up your mind to look away everytime your eyes tempt you to give in to lust and sexual temptations. See Proverbs 27:20 Job 31:1. The fact is that eyes never get enough. The eyes always want a refresher course of what they saw last time. Learn to look away! 

Finally, the best way to overcome temptation is to avoid it in the first place. Cut off evil habits by the root. You might want to reconsider your media library - songs, videos e.t.c. even your close friends. Wrong things you do now will become regrets later in life. God's plan for true love and pure sex has your best interest in mind. I assure you, you'll never regret pursuing the goal of a pure life guided by the spirit of God. 

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below and be kind enough to share this with your friends and family! 

Excerpts from Escape the Trap by Revival Movement Association


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