The Law of Addition: Adding Value To Others (Part One)

What is value?

Well, simply put, it means anything we can give to or impart in others that can make them better. Anything we can give people that makes them better as individuals. It could be in several forms. For instance, you could be a teacher that teaches less privileged kids for free. You could be a business owner that supports young folks with scholarships and grants. 

We become more valuable when we add value to others. 

Your degree has very little to do with your success. 
God never intended for you to live on your degrees - but on your Value. See Prov 18:16. Replace the word gift with Value. A man's value makes room for him - not his degree, no matter the class but his value! 
God's plan is that you live on your value. The degree is actually not a bad thing, it's one of the things that makes up your 'toolbox'. It's not about the certificates, but the substance.
Your value is how well you've been able to develop your God-given gifts and potentials using God's 
word and available information relevant to your calling. 

Rick Warren once said 'Your value isn't determined by your valuables'

Stay tuned for the for the next post.