The Law of Addition: Adding Value To Others (Part Two)

In the last Post, we established that 'Value' is anything we can give to or impart in others that can make them better. Now, how do we make ourselves valuable? In other words, how do you add value to yourself? 
There are several ways to do this. One easy way is to equip yourself with everything you can, with which you can bless others. This could be by reading books, learning new skills or increasing your knowledge and expertise in a particular field. 

You are able to add value to people when you have a "OTHERS-CENTERED" mindset. You truly add value to people when you 'put them first'. A classical example is Jesus Christ. When it wasn't convenient, when He should be having a break to mourn his cousin, John, People came around to be healed and ministered to. Guess what He did? He healed them! Took care of them and ministered to them. In other words, He PUT THEM FIRST! See Matthew 14:1-14.

Finally, Why is it so important to add value to people? It is highly important because what really makes our life count is how much of a blessing we are to others. When we're gone, at the end of our lives, it's the value we've been able to add to others that really lives on after us. We truly Live when our existence is a Blessing to other people.