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Consistency and Discipline: An Athlete's Story

After some quality time of diligent study and close observation of successful people, I've discovered that one of the principal ingredients of success is Consistency that comes from Discipline. Consistency and Discipline are some of the "common denominators" of success. In essence, you'll hardly find a truly successful person who's not Consistent in one or a few undertakings. Consistency comes when self-discipline is practiced in any area of life.
Elbert Hubbard defined self discipline as "The ability to  make yourself do what you should do,  when you should do it, whether you feel like it  or not". It means subjecting yourself to necessities required to achieve your goals. Consistency is however marked by regularity and steady continuity. It means the ability to continue doing the right things that grows you. Truth is, very few people possess this great qualities. Moreover, the good news is that they are skills anyone can learn irrespective of their background, age, gender or education.  

Akindeko Oluwafemi Felix is a final-year Accounting student in Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti. He's a track and field athlete. I met Felix some few weeks back and I've always known him to be an athlete yet we never really talked until recently. When we finally had some time to talk some nights ago, the conversation inspired me to write this piece. You might be wondering, why write about his Discipline and Consistency? Well,  they happen to be two of his admirable traits. 

Akindeko Oluwafemi Felix also known as Zamane is an 800m, 1500m and occasionally 400m runner. His weekly routine looks something like this; Every Monday, he wakes up by 6am to get ready for the day, have some push ups after praying then he goes to the stadium for proper training from 8am till 12pm. Tuesdays, he goes on a hill walk by 8am then he ends his training by 11am. Wednesdays,  he goes to the stadium to train from 7am till 12pm. Thursdays, he hits the gym for an hour and sometimes a bit longer. On Fridays, he trains from 8am then he participates in a few competitions to see how well he's actually trained for the past four days. He spends the rest of the days in school to either attend classes or do some studying. 

Zamane has won several medals in Local and National competitions. I wouldn't be exaggerating if I conclusively declare that Zamane's sucesses so far as an athlete is a result of his discipline and consistency. His routine is an important indicator of his discipline, persistence and consistent efforts to ensure he achieves his goals. 

I believe if we all, like Zamane, embrace the art of self-discipline, persistence and perseverance, we'd soon realize that Sucess isn't as hard as it seems. If we'd keep working hard, every single day, at something that moves us towards our dreams and goals, we will achieve them sooner than we think. Stay disciplined and be consistent! Keep moving forward! Keep growing! 

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