When we think of Home, a beautiful family living in a peaceful apartment comes to mind. We often picture a happy couple with some amazing kids. While many of us seem to have an idea of what a home is, very few truly understand and experience the true essence of a 'Home'.

Many unconsciously walk around the world searching for a 'HOME' 

A Home, I believe, is where you're shown true love and care. Home is that 'place' where you're Accepted and Loved for who you are. Home is where your heart finds rest and peace. Where you belong, where you're treasured and treated like a million bucks! 
Home is where your Strengths are emphasised over your Weaknesses and your Goodness before your Faults. 
Home is where you find your true and best friends. Where you find strength in times of weakness, courage when fear comes knocking, help in times of need and motivation when you're discouraged. 
It's therefore not surprising that some find 'home' in the Streets, in the slums of Lagos. The truth is, to some, the environment doesn't really matter, what does is that they find a 'home' there.

'Home' is an important part of our lives. From the foregoing, it'll be obvious that a 'home' is what Jesus intended His church to be, a place where you're accepted and loved unconditionally for who you are, then nurtured lovingly to become who God originally created you to be.

Some of us grew up in homes where we're showered with love and kindness. While some don't have such luxury or as many will call it, luck, we must understand that we can, ( and we should because we're able to) find 'Home' first, in God's love. His love is infinite, immeasurable, unconditional and everlasting.

We can find 'Home' with ourselves when we come to understand, love, accept and see ourselves the way God sees us. I believe this is most healthy form of self-image we can have. Until we're able to do this, no amount of love shown to us by others will make any difference. We must feel at home with ourselves before we can feel at home with others.