Earlier today, I asked friends on my Whatsapp time-line the difference between a Hustler and an Entrepreneur. Of course, there was a plethora of answers as different people gave very distinct meanings in response. What surprised me the most was that no two people gave the same answer. Everyone had a distinct point of view.

However, for the sake of clarity and simplicity I decided to curate most of the responses as well as my personal observations into an article.

First and foremost, a Hustler is someone who "make strenuous efforts to obtain" money or profit from different areas or businesses engagements. An entrepreneur however is one who starts a business (or businesses), manages it to produce tangible value and make profit from it. 

You see, it's easy to assume there's not much difference between the two personalities but there are. 

While Kemi, a LASU Undergraduate perceives the difference in the freedom an Entrepreneur enjoys compared to a Hustler, Success, a Blogger sees entrepreneurship as involving Creativity and Innovation. Another amazing perspective is that of Mr Kenney, the Founder of He believes that an Entrepreneur basically has bigger goals and spends less energy and time in his business compared to a Hustler. How true! 

Nevertheless, I believe an Entrepreneur is someone who goes to work "on his business" rather than "in his business". In essence, he concentrates on building not just a product or service that sells but a 'system' that works and can be replicated anywhere to get the same results. An Entrepreneur for instance will set up a store like Shoprite and build a system that keeps it running then he replicates the same system in another location where he gets the same results as the first. He doesn't necessarily do many businesses. He just knows what he does so well that you can't beat him at it. 

A Hustler on the other hand is someone who, as Ayobami, CEO of The Jersey Shop described it, would do anything (mostly good) for the money. He basically spends his time and energy in exchange for money. A Hustler can sell sugarcane today and sell shoes tomorrow. He can trade cars today and fix phones the day after. You can ask him to do almost anything for you. That's basically what he does - He hustles!

Also, compared to an Entrepreneur who could have a goal of making his chain store or supermarket a global brand like Walmart, a Hustler's goal is often smaller. Say for instance, he wants to own a Mercedes G-wagon or buy a vacation house on a beach someday. That's it! No further. 

I know there are other numerous perspectives on this subject such that if I keep writing, this post will be unnecessarily elongated. So you can drop yours in the comment box below. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Be sure to check back for more  amazing articles like this. 

Are you a Hustler or an Entrepreneur?